Michael J. Accurso,
Attorney at Law

Michael Accurso believes that the key to running a successful law practice is individualized attention to each client and case.  Typically initial meetings are held in person to ascertain specific fact patterns of the case and analyze them for legal defenses that may be successful at trial. Conversations are frequently held to determine the client’s goals, expectations, and objectives throughout the case and counsel the client regarding what is reasonable to expect for a disposition.  Throughout the period of representation, every effort is made to return everyone’s telephone call by the end of everyday.  While the demands of criminal cases are common and usual for him, they are usually the most important thing in your life at the time and always on the forefront of your thoughts.  With that understanding, we take time to address all of your reasonable expectations and goals, to listen, and see your case through as diligently and competently as can be expected.

Michael Accurso is a native of Kansas City, Missouri, having lived in the region for 37 years. He attended North Kansas City High School. Michael Accurso completed his undergraduate degree with honors at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. He earned a degree in Political Science. Shortly thereafter, he graduated law school at the top of his class in December, 1997. During law school, Michael Accurso focused his attention on legal writing and trial advocacy.

Michael Accurso started private practice in the fall of 1998. Since inception of his practice, he has concentrated on representing clients charged with criminal matters in the State of Missouri. A large majority of the practice has centered upon representing clients facing driving while intoxicated, driving under the influence, possession of drugs and narcotics, theft, burglary, stealing, assault, and weapons charges. In those areas, Mr. Accurso has successfully kept hundreds of clients out of jail along with preventing convictions from being entered onto their records.

Criminal Law

All types of criminal cases in City and State Court

Traffic Law

All types of traffic cases including Driving while Intoxicated, Driving while Under the Influence, Driving while Suspended, Speeding, Careless Driving, and all others.

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